Laying the Foundation

Tribe & Oak is a luxury home essentials brand founded in 2021 by Taylor Tankson and Kareem Wallace in Brooklyn, NY. In March of 2020, Taylor traveled to Australia for a 6-month temporary work trip. A few weeks later, the whole world was brought to it's knees by COVID-19, and the trip was extended to 10 months. During this time, they virtually connected with activities that surrounded things done at home and improving their self-care. After her return, they focused on doing those activities together.

Planting the seeds

After connecting in person and doing many fun activities, we really loved making things for the home. In doing research, we found that various fragrances enhanced our moods and would assist us in cultivating different atmospheres at home.  We did tons of research, and began testing out materials to make what would become our first product: Candles.

The first sprout

We researched different types of candle wax and learned that some can be harmful to the environment, harmful to pets, and harmful to people with various conditions. We deal with sinuses, allergies and other environmental sensitivities so it was important to make products that were safe. This formulated our mission to create all-natural  and chemical free products that use reusable, and recyclable packing materials. 


Bearing fruit

Tribe and Oak was born with a focus on offering accessible luxury home essentials while intentionally choosing materials that are as natural and sustainable as possible.  We created our own Coconut Soy wax blend which is a natural and sustainable material, we use wooden wicks from FSC Certified wood which is environmentally friendly, we work with organic oils and essential oils, we use luxury phthalate- free fragrance oils, and we sourced recyclable packaging. All of our products are vegan, eco-friendly, cruelty- free, not tested on animals, and hand-crafted. 

This past year has taught many of us that connecting with ourselves, and those closest to us in the places we call home is the most important thing. Our mission is to bring luxury and quality products to your home that does just that.